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Who can file a request for an IDPoor interview ?

Households that have difficulties sustaining their livelihood can request an IDPoor interview at their Commune/Sangkat office, through village chief, relevant persons, and Public IDPoor app.
In addition, other stakeholders can facilitate and assist the household to fill in an interview request and to submit it to the Commune Sangkat Working Group or through the Public IDPoor App. These stakeholders include:

  • Municipality, District and Khan Administration
  • Local authorities (Commune Sangkat Administration and committees, Village Chiefs, Deputy Village Chiefs, Village Members …)
  • School Director, Teacher
  • Health Centre Chief, Deputy Chief or health staff
  • Administrative Police staff members
  • Groups working on social affairs (groups working on social protection, Ministry and Department of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation and related ministries and departments …)
  • Representatives of NGOs, civil society, religious leaders, and other organizations working in the community.