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The IDPoor Programme provides different types of data depending on whether you are a registered or unregistered data user. If you have not yet registered as a data user on behalf of your institution or organisation, you can still view and download quite a lot of information that is freely available on this website (e.g. summary and comparative statistics). However, if you need a wider or very specific range of data or if you would like to filter your data set according to specific indicators in the data query section, you will have to register as a data user.

Registration forms

Guest UserBasic UserStandard UserAdvanced User
Purpose of data use (select)

– Poor HH targeting

– Poor area targeting
Description of data use(text)
Organization details

– Name

– Type

– Sector

– Address

– Telephone

– eMail

– Website
Personal details

– Title

– Position in the organization
Special permissions (select)

– Sensitive data level 1

– Sensitive data level 2

– API support


Standard UserAdvanced User
Equity Card verification
Submit suggestions and objection
(available in 2023)
Track suggestions and objection
(available in 2023)
Data access and download
IDPoor aggregate statistic
(Download Report 1 + 2)
Household level data
(Download Report 3)
Household member level data
(Download Report 4)
Sensitive data (Special request)

– Level 1 (Age, Download Report 5 + 6)

– Level 2 (Disability, HIV, Filtered reports)
API support (Special request)
Filter options
Basic filters (by gazetteer codes)
Advanced filters (by household and member attributes)
Sensitive filters (Special request)

– by Age

– by Disability

– filtered Downloads
Registration procedure
User verification required via eMail or SMS
Approval by MOP required
Official letter to MOP required
Data Sharing Agreement
Time to get accessDefaultImmediately1-3 working days after registration1-5 working days after receive the official letter