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What do we need to do when there is incorrect information on the household on the equity card e.g. wrong name of a household member?

Please file a request for editing household information. You can file a request yourself filling request form 2.3 (Annex implementation manual) to the Commune Sangkat or through the Public IDPoor App. Other stakeholders can file a request for you. This includes:

  • Municipality, District and Khan Administration
  • Local authorities (Commune Sangkat Administration and committees, Village Chiefs, Deputy Village Chiefs, Village Members …)
  • School Director, Teacher
  • Health Centre Chief, Deputy Chief or health staff
  • Administrative Police staff members
  • Groups working on social affairs (groups working on social protection, Ministry and Department of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation and related ministries and departments …)
  • Representatives of NGOs, civil society, religious leaders, and other organizations working in the community.